Oxygen Boost Charcoal Fizzing Mask


       ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐                "This mask is super hydrating after one use and it's not sticky at all." 

- Leanne,  Oxygen Boost Charcoal Fizzing Mask Customer


*Purchase Dermalume Oxygen Boost Charcoal Fizzing Mask to get Konjac Sponge for free!



A bubble mask that targets blackheads & oily skin, this unique formula fizzes upon application to clear pores and provides long-lasting oil control.

✔ Deeply cleansing + smoothing, for silky-soft touch-me skin
✔ Gently exfoliates to tackle cellulite, stretch marks + ingrown hairs

✔ Moisturising formula leaves skin soft & smooth for longer

✔ Eco-friendly Mica glitter shines bright on your body

It’s Not Being Selfish.

It’s Called Self Care.

And If You Don’t Do It, Nobody Will Do It For You.

Get your PRE-ORDER Discount NOW.

Dispatch Due 20 September.

And we understand that it is too easy to let your skin fall through the cracks.

By the time you have finished pleasing everybody else, and trying to do the right thing - all of a sudden your skin is different. It’s drier, and lines that weren’t there before have appeared. And you feel different too. Less confident. And you long to find that carefree feeling you had when you were in your twenties..

So here is the fork in the road.

We know you have tried half of the world’s cleansers, toners and scrubs because half of them are still in your bathroom cabinet. We have been there. And the reason for this bathroom cabinet overload is twofold. Firstly and quite frankly, these days a skincare routine is more of a commitment than a marriage and often these routines are too hard to keep up consistently. Secondly, we are literally sitting around aging, and waiting for the results! Where are the results?

It is like we are in this endless cycle of accepting that we have to wait to see results from our skincare!

So you have two options.

Number 1: Use tap water and hope for the best;

Number 2: Keep wasting money on bucket loads of skincare and regimes that don’t work, and that you can’t stick too; OR

Number 2: Buy Smarter, Buy Less and Keep It Simple.

Right. Now that’s sorted. Phew!

Great. So we agree you have now stopped wasting your time and money (Both of which are limited and too important to blow right now!).

So here we are. Picture This.

Imagine throwing away the cleansers, toners, scrubs and creams in exchange for ONE product a day. ONE product that takes a minute and will have you doing a double take in the mirror after the first use.

And bringing that spa feeling into your very own bathroom for little more than the cost of one visit.

Even more perfect - because Spa's are out of bounds right now!

Meet our best selling 24K Superskin Gold Duo.

Think Chemical Peel but without the redness, pain or expense of leaving the house.

So how does it work?

It contains our two signature products:


  1. Our 24K Gold Face Refining Polish

This is an A Grade Anti-Ageing Exfoliator which clears the slate, it's that good you only need to use it once per week. We use it as a replacement for a Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Mask and Moisturiser. And all it takes is ONE minute per day. Wet your face (in the shower if you like!) and massage in for ONE minute and wash off. 

 Our 24K Gold Face Defining Gel

After using our Polish and to maintain your fresh, new found skin – use our 24K Gold Face Defining Gel on every other day of the week. This gel re-hydrates the skin so effectively you might consider going moisturiser free!  (We also use the Gel as a replacement for a Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Mask and Moisturiser!). Again - All it takes is ONE minute per day. Massage into a wet face for ONE minute and wash off. 

So let’s talk results:

When we are starved for SPA time in the current climate – or any time for ourselves to be honest – feel like you have spent hours and $$$ pampering yourself – feel refreshed and ready to keep on dreaming – PLUS:


  • Visibly tighter and brighter skin for a super confidence booster – especially for that online meeting you now have to endure;
  • Minimisation of pores so your skin looks naturally smooth and flawless and like your were just born that way (no make-up required) or have engaged in a super juice fasting cleanse;
  • Tackle lines and wrinkles by reducing them via the promotion of collagen – so that future you (10 years from now) will thank you when you get told you look 10 years younger!;  
  • Whether inside, home or in the office - those worries about dry and flaky skin will be a thing of the past – you should feel fresh and hydrated all day long;  
  • Watch any make-up you apply slide on and stay on with a reduction in oil production and those pesky blemishes that pop up as a result;
  • AND have confidence that you wont get a pesky pimple just when you don’t need it, like before we are released from social distancing and back into the world.

And we know that there is no better feeling that getting told you look younger than you are!  More than once. (Secret Fist Pump!)

PLUS the compliments! Just wait until we are back to normal – everybody will be asking what your secret is (no juice cleanse for 14 days required!)


Supercharged with Balinese ingredients


Virgin coconut oil and cacao oil work together to soften and hydrate skin while increasing elasticity


Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, mango, papaya, and mangosteen to brighten and fight cellulite


Coffee seed extract energizes, tones, and improves the appearance of skin


How to use:

Cap off your Glow Figure ritual with a generous handful of our Body Moisture Whip and massage generously into dry skin. Our whip may be fast-absorbing, fast-acting, but don't be fooled. One application will give you all the hydration you need to power through a day.

Daily moisturising will leave your skin youthful, supple, and will slow down the signs of ageing

Use daily, morning, or night. (We will not judge)


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