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Ethical Australian Skincare Products

Dermalume is proudly 100% Australian made. We're talking green-and-gold kangaroo sticker, Aussie-made committee website listed Australian skincare products.

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Our theory is why would we look elsewhere? After all, our beautiful sunburnt country gave the world Tim Tams, Hugh Jackman and some truly unique and innovative skin care ingredients. Which is exactly what we have harnessed to formulate and create beauty products that cater to the needs of women around the globe.

Buying from an Australian skincare and beauty brand brings with it a number of benefits.

As a manufacturer of Australian skincare products, we love that we have complete quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. And our customers have told us they are proud to purchase products produced at home because it minimises their carbon footprint, allows them to support local businesses and guarantees they will be accessing products designed to combat some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world.

Our Australian Skincare Products Are Not Tested on Animals

We don't want to brag, but it's probably also a good time to mention, Dermalume do not test on animals, are 90% vegan and only use environmentally-friendly ingredients. (We're also working on making all our packaging biodegradable).

So really, if you're searching for world-class Australian skincare products, is there any reason you wouldn't want to try a Dermalume Wonder from Down Under?

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"My hands are instantly hydrated, without being greasy and smell unbelievable every time!"

"Only a sheet mask, mindful mediation for 20 minutes and my best skin is ready."

"I have a new found confidence and I'm not getting tired of all the compliments."

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