We are all beautiful, but not all of us are confident. So we decided to create skincare to bring out the sunshine in everyone.

Beauty is Universal We want to unite people in this vision: to be confident in our skin, in our beauty, in being ourselves. What we needed was a universal solution. Something that would work for all skin types and further a sense of shared experience. 

Our journey started with years of research into what works, testing over thousands different formulas and active ingredients. Finally, we narrowed our formula to those ingredients we felt were truly universally beneficial. Leaving your skin shining and light.

Beauty is Natural Australia is unique, a vast land home to boundless nature, often untouched by people. Our challenge was to translate that sense of pure natural beauty we feel in the great outdoors into scents that convey our feelings of what makes Australia special. So we sought the help of the premier master perfumer in Australia.

With the experience and guidance of Master Perfumer François we developed five unique scents that embody confidence and beauty. Giving you an exhilarating confidence to shine from within.

Perfumer Francois was born 1963 in Grasse, France. Originating from a line of perfumers, and a prodigy in the field of fragrance, he began pursuing the art of fragrance at a young age.

Impelled by Francois exquisite craftsmanship, Dermalume Skin Care is born. We want to deliver the most luxuriously scented skin care line at the most affordable prices. Francois has delicately designed five spectacular scents for our Hand Therapies to give our customers a diverse range for their enjoyment.