5 ingredients you didn't know your skin craves

Dermalume is all about adopting a healthy approach to life - starting with your skin. Here are our tips for 5 skincare ingredients that actually work, to effortlessly help you get your skin's glow back.

It's the top secret info that most brands don't tell you about...To us here at Dermalume, our skincare routine is crucial in maintaining that perfect, fresh-faced glow, without resorting to surgery or expensive products that are harmful to the environment. By incorporating these top five ingredients into our skin. We've easily been able to retain radiant, youthful and healthy blemish-free skin no matter what life throws at me.

Check out our top 5 tips for anti-aging and rejuvenating your skin below.

  1. KAKADU PLUM - This native Australian ingredient (Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract), is popular for its potent levels of vitamin C (up to 75 times higher than oranges), making it a key to reducing the visible signs of ageing and wrinkles. Get your daily dose with Dermalume's Bright Brightening Sheet Mask.
  2. MILK THISTLE EXTRACT - If you're vegan, be assured that no dairy is involved in this ingredient! Milk thistle extract is actually a plant packed with excellent antioxidant, anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory properties - and as a result helps keep the skin calm and soothed.
  3. CHAMOMILE A cup of chamomile tea calms the soul, and using it in your skincare routine does the same for the skin. That's why we love using the Hydration Sheet Mask.
  4. FENNEL SEEDS Who'd have thought this popular spice would be just as good for your skin? Fennel seeds are packed with vitamins and anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties your face will love! Treat your skin with the Hydro Sheet Mask - it's packed with this superfood.
  5. TREHALOSE Dessert is officially good for you! Trehalose - a natural sugar found in plants and fungi - is great for your skin, functioning as a moisturiser, skin protectant, and antioxidant. Hydration is the most important factor for my skin, and the Hydration Sheet Mask helps my skin maintain its moisture, feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

Now that we've covered the basics, it's time to learn more about which products to invest in. Dermalume's range is not only beneficial to your skin, but also to the environment. We pride ourselves on using only vegan, and 100% natural ingredients that your skin will thank you for forever. Check out our other blog posts to read more on how to effortlessly maintain flawless skin, and don't forget to follow us on IG at @dermalume for more tips and tricks.

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