Show you CARE this Valentine’s Day with SELF-care

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the pressure of what to get your significant other or even your best friend is weighing you down, especially all you last minute buyers… not to pressure you but you have 4 days! I get it, you are thinking what do I get someone to show them I love them? Are teddy bears and chocolates outdated? Well, how about reminding them to take some time for themselves and nurture themselves. Encouraging someone to practice self-care is a gift that keeps on giving as it allows them to put their best self forward, a happier more productive self. Dermalume’s Valentines gift set does all the above by providing the gift of glowing, clear skin and silky-smooth hands.

Dermalume’s gift set features our favorite products.

Green Tea Clay mask – Draws out impurities.

Oxygen Boost Gold Fizzing mask- Targets clogged pores, smooths and hydrated skin.

No.1 Velvet Roses Hand Therapy – Restores skin with hydrating and anti-aging properties.

Konjac Sponge- Sponge made from natural konjac root, gently exfoliates and cleansing skin. Leaves skin feeling refreshed and soft.


Do not however think this gift is only perfect for others, no, no, no! Do not forget it is crucial to treat yourself and what better day to show self-love than on the day of love.

With all the focus on what to get your loved ones, we seem to forget to show love to ourselves, this happens all too often, all year-round. Life is busy from catering to your job, husband, family, and children there is no time left for you. Take this opportunity to rejuvenate and care for yourself by treating yourself to Dermalume’s Valentines gift set, it forces you to have some TLC time for yourself. Let us be real, can you show the full extent of your love to those around you if you are drained, irritable and not feeling like your best self?

This a gift is a gift that keeps on giving!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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