Why your acne fighting mindset may be a disadvantage to your skin

Would you rather put a bandaid on a cut after carelessly chopping or do the right practices to avoid the injury altogether? Well, it is no different with your skin. I know I would much rather avoid the effort and stress that comes with treating a pimple and trying to get rid of it ASAP because we all know they love to appear at the most inconvenient times. We need to switch from a kill the acne mindset to a nourish skin and prevent acne mindset. Why live day to day with a mediocre diet, no sleep, poor skin care routine and just attack the acne when it appears, when you can do things to prevent it even surfacing?

I understand acne is a sensitive topic and sometimes you can be doing all the right things yet still left feeling defeated, often due to there being a bigger cause greater than any topical treatment,  such a hormonal imbalance.  Today this is more for those suffering from mild or moderate acne yet, these tips are also beneficial for those suffering with severe acne.

Now there is much debate as to what is better to prevent and treat acne, chemicals, or natural treatment?  Chemicals refer to man made substances, do not let the word chemicals deter you, we are not talking about harmful substances. The most common acne fighters are Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. Both flush out dirt and grime from deep within skin and on the surface while also being anti-inflammatory. These chemicals however, although effective at what they do can be very harsh on the skin overtime. This is the reason people argue natural is best. Natural refers to products that come from the earth. Natural acne remedies can include applying certain foods like honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar directly to skin yet when it comes to most skin care products on the market, you’re not buying a whole avocado with honey mashed in a tube, it is products containing essential oils.  Essential oils are plant chemicals extracted from different parts of a plant; roots, seeds, leaves, stems, and flowers. These concentrated oils are full of antioxidants, vitamins, bacteria fighting and anti-inflammatory properties.

The best essential oils for fighting acne are:

 Tea Tree Oil:

-          Kills bacteria and fungi.

-          Reduces Inflammation and swelling

Oregano oil:

-          Antibacterial and antifungal properties.

-          Anti-inflammatory 


-          Unclogs pores.

-          Balances sebum levels

-          Anti-inflammatory

Grape Seed Oil:

-           High levels of linoleic acid help reduce excess sebum that clogs pores.

-          High in omega-6 fatty acid

-          Antimicrobial properties

So, what is better? Well surprise, just like the past blog both are beneficial and incorporating both into your routine is important in the treatment of acne because chemicals like benzoyl peroxide penetrate deep into the poor and very effective and unclogging and killing bacteria, great on active pimples and blackheads. Whereas essential oils also have antibacterial properties killing acne causes bacteria however the acne properties do not penetrate as deep into the skin, yet are more nourishing, less drying and damaging. To prevent acne and nourish skin it is suggested to have a thorough skin care routine that incorporates a combination of either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid with essential oils that are ideal for fighting acne. Ideally it would be great to find a face oil that also includes salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, saves the hassle of finding several different essential oils and adding extensive steps to your skin care routine. Essential oils are the missing key however in preventing and treating acne, it is not always about just attacking a pimple when it appears.

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